Sofia Aguiar at Appartement 22


Sofia Aguiar “I Like Insects / Insects Like Me,” 2009 take I iPhone Photography   “Sofia Aguiar’s obsessive figuration of animals, characteristic of her work, here consists of larger-than-life representations of insects in an installation of painting-objects. Rather than the result of a work of pleasure, these paintings are the expression of the psychological exteriorization of suffering. ” Courtesy of Appartement 22   “Sofia Aguiar (b. 1963, lives and works between Lisbon and Tangier)
Sofia Aguiar’s figurative oil paintings, usually done on wooden boards, are often explorations of single animals, isolated objects, or spaces manipulated by humans yet uninhabited. The paintings reference notions of desire and the connections between imagination and representation, influenced by her background in social service. Her work has been part of exhibitions such as at Àr.Co (Lisbon) as well as the first Arts in Marrakech exhibition in 2005.” Courtesey of Appartement 22


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